Planning & Fees

Planning process
All my ceremonies are individually created to honour your special event.  My planning process is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.  It will usually follow a format similar to that below: 

Initial contact  We briefly discuss your requirements and arrange to meet.

First Meeting We discuss the purpose of the ceremony you want, the date, time, and venue.  I ask questions and offer suggestions.  I can provide a selection of readings/vows for you to consider, or you may prefer to research or write your own.  You take time to decide whether you wish to proceed with me as celebrant. 

Thinking and Reflection Stage We consider possibilities, readings, music, symbols, etc.  I create a draft ceremony.  We may have phone or e-mail contact during this stage.

Second Meeting We discuss the draft I have prepared and any further ideas you wish to incorporate.

Final Preparation I complete the planning of the ceremony.  We discuss and confirm final arrangements.  There may be an opportunity to rehearse movements and process.

Ceremony The event itself

Follow up  I welcome any feedback.

Fees   My fee for a Marriage or Civil Union is usually three hundred dollars ($300).  Fees for other ceremonies are by negotiation.

It's best if we can meet and start the planning process at least two months before the date of your ceremony.  Many popular dates are booked months in advance.  While I may occasionally be able to do a ceremony at short notice, this is not always possible.  I book only one ceremony on each date so I am able to fully focus on your ceremony. 

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