If you want to limit the impact your ceremony has on our planet you may wish to consider the following suggestions:

  • Keep it simple – this lessens stress on you and your finances, as well as on the planet
  • Send invitations. maps, accommodation options, etc, by e-mail.  An effective way to tell guests the practical details about your wedding is to set up a wedding website.  You can do this free  through a WordPress Blog.
  • Wedding stationery, such as service sheets can be printed on re-cycled paper, using ink from vegetable dyes
  • Use local suppliers wherever possible for food, wine, and flowers.  See Buy NZ Local for a list.
  • Use flowers that are in season.  Grow your own.
  • Choose a celebrant who lives near you and/or your venue
  • An outdoor daytime wedding makes best use of natural light.
  • Buy your outfit from a re-cycled boutique, borrow it, or wear something you already have.
  • Ask if there are any pre-loved family rings you could re-use, or have new ones made from wood (gold mining creates huge environmental issues)
  • Walk or cycle to your ceremony and encourage guests to do the same.  If you must used motorised transport, could it be electric?  or could you all go in a bus?
  • Use home-made confetti from dried flower petals (or leaves and a hole punch)
  • For personalised beeswax candles, try The Candlemaker at AJ Day Options Trust, 426 Tuam Street.  This Trust offers employment for people with an intellectual disability.
  • For disposable plates that are 100% biodegradable and compostible check out Potato Plates
  • Compost any food scraps and donate leftover food to an organisation such as the City Mission.
  • Tell your guests this is a green wedding and inspire them to tread lightly on the planet.

Wedding tandem

Louise and Garvin rode a tandem to their wedding.

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